ThinkHub is a wholly-owned subsidiary and a portfolio company of InfoPro Investments. Thinkhub is a premiere coworking space located in Whitefield Bangalore with options for a Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, Private Office and Conference rooms. Thinkhub provides turnkey office space solutions, ideal for startups or for established businesses to be used as a satellite office. 

InfoPro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been in business for over 20 years as a technology company and since 2010 has diversified into other areas of services including resource management, commercial real estate and early-stage investments. Partner companies of InfoPro are based out of Los Angeles CA, servicing its clients in the United States.  



Technical resources in areas

  • AI/Machine Learning, NLP (Deep Learning in Voice and Video) and IOT​

  • Cloud computing, web development, mobile and Analytics

  • C, C++, SQL, Java, HTML, Python, JSON, MONGO, MicroServices using Docker

Resource management working exclusively for clients

  • Recruitment, hiring and resource management

  • Scheduling and allocation assistance

  • Timesheet and Payroll

  • Statutory, tax and local compliance 

Project management

  • Resource and Risk planning

  • Monitoring of tasks

  • Intellectual Property management



  • Total space of 175,000 sq. ft with usable space of 140,000 sq. ft.

  • Basement and ground car park for 150 vehicles

  • Gated campus, guarded with in-house security

  • Roof-top cafeterias

  • Air conditioned buildings

  • Solar grid energy with electrical power backup generators

  • Ample greenery and plenty of open space

  • Open amphitheater that can seat 150

  • Coworking space with modern decor and seating

  • Campus surrounded by many of the fortune 500 companies

  • Metro station within walking distance from campus

  • Tenants include multinational semiconductor company

150,000 sqft of Class A Building

25,00 sqft of Class A Building


  • Access to turn-key working environment

  • Help with accounting/financial management

  • Access to bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs

  • Validation and feasibility of product/Services

  • Help with presentation skills and customer outreach

  • Access to strategic partners

  • Advisory boards and mentors

  • Management team identification

  • Go-to market strategies and techniques

  • Help with regulatory compliance

  • Intellectual property and legal management

  • Self and syndicated investments through InfoPro and other investors

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Coworking space- Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, Private Office and Conference rooms. 



Intelligent automated code review platform to assess developer skills and improve coding quality.


Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Life Science Technology businesses.


Outsourcing services specialized in Sales Force Automation. 

SFA Services

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